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Recorded at DNA Studios in Madison, WI. Engineered by Matt Kramer. Mixed and mastered by Paddy Cassidy using Sony Vegas Pro 11.

For booking inquires, please contact [booking@tanidiakite.com]


released August 2, 2012

Tani Diakite -- Kamele N'goni, Vocals
Djam Vivie -- Karinyen, accompaniment Jembe
Mamadou Diallo -- Shakere, Kensereni
Paddy Cassidy -- Jembe, N'tama, Calabash, additional percussion
Hugo Reynolds -- Drumset
Nick Moran -- Bass
Peter Baggenstoss -- Wurlitzer, Keyboards
Matt Manske -- Guitars



all rights reserved


Tani Diakite Madison, Wisconsin

Tani is a musical force who has inspired an entire community of artists. With his Kamale n'goni, a West African ancestor to the banjo, and his plaintive singing, he never fails to drop the deepest blues around.

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Track Name: Naremakan Mandinka
I sing this song for all the Fula, the Diallo’s, Sidibe’s, Sangare’s & Diakite’s

The people of knowledge and wisdom, people of immigration who came a long way from Ethiopia and spread all over West Africa, Mali, Senegal, Burkina, and Guinea.

I praise also the people of the great Mandingo Empire of Mali who live in harmony and peace with the Fula

Throughout the centuries, in the place that was once the biggest empire of Africa. I praise Naremakan Sunjata the king of Mali.
Track Name: Nungulunba
Hey, the old hunter is very knowledgeable

Teach us about the wonder of Mother Nature

Hey, the master of parole, at the entrance of Wassoulou I have met you

People are not the same; some know about today, but not about tomorrow

Tani, the messenger, tell me more about Mother Nature, the wonders of nature

Call the birds of Wassoulou

The sound of the people, lovers be careful, sit and talk, sit and chat, walk the walk and talk the talk.
Track Name: Filani (Twins)
Come my love and let’s have fun to the sound of Patty’s djembe.

Come my love and let’s have fun to the sound of Mamadou’s drum.

Come my love and let’s have fun to the sound of Matt’s guitar.

Come my love and let’s have fun to the sound of Hugo’s drum set.

Come my love and let’s have fun to the sound of Peter’s keyboard.

Come my love and let’s have fun to Jam’s djembe.
Track Name: Nagan N’Tolo (Come Play With Me)
Let’s go to the river, let’s go to the mountains

Let’s go to the top of the mountain.

Yeah, the old Pilon (spirit) is talking.

Yeah, the bird (vulture) that does not care about dead animals but live ones.

Yeah the world, let’s go conquer the world, the free world.

In this world, people are not the same regarding their character or their strength.

Come and play with me in Wassoulou to the sounds of the drum and the Kamale Ngoni.
Track Name: Nade (My Child)
I could talk endlessly about you, but let’s have fun together.

The little bird of Wassoulou is here to entertain you.

The son of the twins, I am calling you, so we can have fun.
Track Name: Diyale (My Love)
My love I am leaving, but I will return soon, and we will have fun

Life is about having fun also

My love, people from here are saying hi

People from America are saying hi

People from Guinea are saying hi

People from all the places I am traveling to are saying hi to you

When I come back we will sing the song that we like to sing together, and, we will eat the food we want to

We will do all the fun things we always do together

Fighting is not good, love is better

Yes, I am back, Tani, the Kamale Ngoni player is back

Let’s have fun
Track Name: Laban (The Last)
Thank you very much!

Him, the old Jango (spirit) is making noise

Some people know about today, but not about tomorrow

Nick, play bass for me!

The world is been created so long ago

Son of the world or Tani is a son of the world

Humanity, human kind, let’s be humble!

We shall know our time is much better than that of the past

Thank you, God, because you can do so many things

When I lay down and think, I realize how lucky I am

Hey, let’s play the doundoun, the Bambara doundouni

Tani plays the Ngoni, the Bambara Ngoni

Let’s have a party

In the end, we will never know all about the world

This is why we should enjoy our time.
Track Name: Yelema (Change)
Don’t live your life without a goal

Don’t change your path without a goal

Always have a goal, so you know where you are going and what you are doing

Just don’t change for the sake of change.
Track Name: Kamale N'goni
Yeah, I am grateful to my host

Yeah, I am grateful to the people of Wassoulou

Yeah, I am going to meet the angels

When you go to Mali, greet the people for me please

I am grateful to my mom and dad

This part that I am playing right now, reminds me of my love, my partner for life, my angel

The sounds of the birds, this part that I am playing is to say hi to the Diakite’s (Tani’s family), the people of Kaba (a city in Mali), hey, the sounds of the little birds, the sounds of Tani.
Track Name: Wassoulou N'gri
Being young means being ignorant, so I call the youth to learn from the elders. They are the ones owning wisdom and knowledge. Life is a journey, life is a compromise, life is a conversation. Enjoy it, but get rid of ignorance, go around the world and learn. I ask God to forgive the twins Bourema, Diara - my dad.